Saturday, June 19, 2010

Square Footage

(Editor's Note: This post originally appeared on on June 19, 2010)

My home brewing has taken up very little space in our Swarthmore apartment. To see what I mean, just have a look at the current space which is dedicated to all things brewing:

What a mess. All-in-all, it's 12 square feet of space, some of which is actually shared with other non-brewing related items (coats, games, a jack-o-lantern, vacuum cleaner(!), etc. Those things that look like burlap sacks are brewing related. More on that in a future post). To be fair, there is a small box of brewing related items in the kitchen closet, and a few brushes hanging on a peg board, but given proper shelving in the closet shown, I think it would all fit nicely in the pictured space.

So what happens to all this stuff when we move to Los Angeles?

Well, let me give you an idea. Here's the layout for the new pad (it's the highlighted one):

Hard to see, maybe, but it's 740 square feet. And it's a "loft" apartment, which means a big open space with high ceilings, not a "lofted" bedroom.  Some good shelving and clever, tasteful use of space, and we won't need to sacrifice any more square footage to brewing equipment than we already are. (Though, I think I disapprove of my use of the word "sacrifice" in this context.) This is important, since I plan to upgrade my brewing equipment soon so that I can brew all-grain recipes rather than extract recipes. My art/craft of brewing is maturing, and it's nice to know that there is room for it to grow.

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