Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since I've started designing my own recipes, I needed a nice tool to help me keep track of estimated OG, FG, ABV, IBUs, and various other abbreviations for important statistics.

A nice one I found is Qbrew. It's cross platform (so you can install it on a Mac, PC, or Linux machine) and is easy to use. It even creates a nice recipe sheet that you can print out on brew day. Mine looked something like this.

It lists all the ingredients sorted by grains, hops, and everything else. Very handy.

This was my first IPA. I'm calling it a West Coast IPA since all of the hops (except the Northern Brewer) are from the Pacific Northwest and the yeast is White Lab's California Ale. And, I live in CA now, so WEST COAST BABY.

I'm looking forward to this beer. I measured the OG at 1.065 rather than the predicted 1.082, which means I'll get less than the 8.0% ABV, and that's fine with me.


  1. I like your west coast inspiration. I'm wondering if the program you downloaded helps promote additional creativity in your brews?

  2. It gives me a chance to see how big of an effect different choices of ingredients will have on bitterness, color, and ABV. I think having this level of control will allow me to direct my creativity more effectively.